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Little More Than Waitstaff
A comic about an understaffed restaurant where your waiters are also you chefs.
Last update: 1st Oct 2021, 5:00 AM
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Meet the waitstaff of the Naz Dravie. But they're also the chefs, kitchen staff, and errand-runners. And janitors. And managers. And bus-boys. And hosts and hostesses. And one is also the owner. So it's basically a comic about people yelling and cooking things. I started Little More Than Waitstaff in 2012. It is both a comic strip and series.


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Well driving in winter is definitely a disaster at least LOL but for me the warm fuzzy feeling make it worth it lol
Maybe he's going to cut open the pumpkin and drink the pumpkins spice latte out of it
The only thing good about autumn and winter is that warm, fuzzy, feeling. Everything else about it sucks. Change my mind.
Where did Greg get a whole pumpkin. WHY did he get a whole pumpkin. Was the pumpkin spice latte not enough, he needed MORE pumpkin???

Love this
My life has been nonstop bananas for months and months. It feels impossible to keep my head above water @_@

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