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Little More Than Waitstaff
A comic about an understaffed restaurant where your waiters are also you chefs.
Last update: 2nd Oct 2020, 2:36 AM
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Meet the waitstaff of the Naz Dravie. But they're also the chefs, kitchen staff, and errand-runners. And janitors. And managers. And bus-boys. And hosts and hostesses. And one is also the owner. So it's basically a comic about people yelling and cooking things. I started Little More Than Waitstaff in 2012. It is both a comic strip and series.


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Huh, guess Greg has been dieting.

That reminds me, going to look up the Spooky Skeleton song. Got to get into the spirit of things in-spite of the lacking of trick or treaters and not wanting to double up on masks.
HELLO FRIENDS! Sorry for posting a little late in the day. Apparently even posting only once a month is tough for me to stay on top of with grad school and teaching. Anyway, happy first day of spooky season!

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Author Note
Hurrah, as promised, here I am on the first of the month! I don't think I've done any leisure drawing at all since school got started, so it's definitely a good thing that I'm cutting back to only one comic strip per month now. Thank you for your patience, lovely readers! ~

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Author Note
Looking forward to keeping up with the comic, glad you've found something of a compromise for yourself... but if it's still too much, do whatcha gotta do! We'll wait qvqb

(Have fun/good luck in the fall!!
I'm really happy for you! I get the feel of not wanting to put a comic on hiatus, but if it's best for you then it's best for you! I wish you luck out there. It's been awesome sticking with this comic :D