Logically Illogical
A webcomic about joy, sadness, and pure nonsense
Last update: One week ago, 6:00 AM
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Logically Illogical is a comic about joy, sadness, and pure nonsense.
From dancing with penguins to life, to odd questions and being an evil overlord.


Hello I'm Wylen.
Creator of art.
Grumpy old man.
Doll collector.
Penguin enthusiast.
Sketchbook hoarder.
World Domination is at hand.

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I don't think I'll be returning to any kind of normal job soon.
Been recovering from the nervous break down I had in 2021.
I'm finally returning to many new and old creative pursuits.
This comic and drawing everyday were really the only things I was still doing for awhile.
Now I'm starting up a Youtube channel and getting back into various kinds of crafting.
Author Note
No prob. It’s kinda my thing now. Going through comics and sharing whatever funny jokes or insightful knowledge that comes to mind.
No raisins in these cookies!
Also, thanks for all your comments today 💛
Feel free to reach out if you ever do feel lonely