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Comic profile: lojbo pixra
lojbo pixra
ko nelci
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Comic language: other
Genre: Other
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Last update: 27th Jan 2014, 5:48 AM
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Comic description

Some simple drawings with lojban text. A chance for me to practice my writing and others to practice their reading. Starts off easy, gradually gets more complex. I make no guarantees for accuracy, feel free to correct me if (when) I get it wrong!


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Comic or Die
27th Jan 2014
Comic or Die
Seeing as there was a discussion about this on one of the earlier strips, I thought I'd throw this together to show how ku or cu can be excluded in this sentence without altering the meaning.
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Comic or Die
17th Jan 2014
Comic or Die
Fixed, ki'e
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Comic or Die
17th Jan 2014
Comic or Die
Wow, thanks for pointing that out; it still took me a while the figure out, but I think I get it now!

Comic has been updated with the correct version
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danr (Guest)
3rd Dec 2013
.i xu do se jbobau
.i xu do tavla fo lo jbobau
.i xu do kakne lo ka ce'u tavla fo lo jbabau
.i xu do kakne lo ka jbobau ce'u
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Wuzzy (Guest)
28th Nov 2013
"Better don’t answer with “go'i”"
I do not think “go'i” is a good response to a command. The “ko” refers to alis but it alo makes the bridi to a command. So does this mean alis commands herself to give bob the key? Or does the command-element of “ko” magically go away after using “go'i”? In the latter case, alis would have said “I give the car key to you.”.
The Reference Grammar doesn’t tell what happens to a “ko” when it has been “go'i”’d. So I consider the semantics of “go'i” in situations like this to be undefined. That’s certainly not good and should be avoided.

Luckily, this is not a real issue here, because Lojban has a much better response to that: “vi'o”. It’s an attitudinal and means “I undertood what you said and will comply.”. :-)
Left on tanru