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Long Siesta is a soft post-apocalyptic story about Anita, a flaky and uninspired woman who on an impulse gets herself frozen and flung into the distant future, where the remainder of society is being manipulated and controlled by a powerful source lurking in the distance.


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Lots of mixed traditions on display there, as one would expect in a post-apocalyptic settlement that was not strongly bigoted to one culture or another! The modern world really is and their case was a Melting Pot!
She was SLEEPY! 😄
I wonder if he's an Asimovean robot?

Also, the tech that makes him work very strongly implies that there ARE interplanetary colonies out there. Just cut off from the ruined Earth.
It was a lovely read so far, I really want to learn more about this world!
This was a fun read! I want to read more!