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Looming Meadows
Funny comic about pop culture, high school, and general shenanigans.
Last update: 25th Jan 2017, 1:02 AM
Frequent Strong Language
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A humorous webcomic about high school, pop culture, society, video games, and general shenanigans.


I am an accomplished webcomic author, whose prior exploits include "Comics I Made While Blindfolded" and "Elastikid," each of which ran for over 100 strips each. I am now on ComicFury to post my newest creation, Looming Meadows.

My website is http://www.loomingmeadows.com/

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Early 2010's party music FTW. Next the dog will be playing The Lonely Island, Skrillex, and Hot Chelle Rae from his smartphone which still has a physical, slide-out keypad.
The dog is now my favorite character
This made me laugh really hard.
I know. I recently discussed the geopolitical situation in Turkey with my Turkish Angora. He wasn't very knowledgeable, though, since he was born in West Virginia.
don't you just hate it when the school cat argues politics with you?

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