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The journey of a strange woman through the Sinnoh region, searching for a way home and making friends along the way. But things aren't always as they seem, and this strange woman has drawn the attention of those whose shady intentions are catastrophic on a Galactic scale...

(As this is a Nuzlocke, there will be blood and death. Please be mindful while reading!)


Hi! I make comics. I was on SJ but then... well, now I'm not.

I'm also on the Middle Ground, so feel free to take a look at my stuff there!

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Thanks for the advice! For some reason, Mars just takes the way I usually draw eyes and says "no, it's not gonna work on me", so hopefully keeping this in mind will help.

Also, one of your images isn't linking!
Just kind of from one artist to another, you gotta use the eyebrows to shape an angry eye, not the eye lid. Those typically can only go up and down to show a level of tiredness, or impatience.
You got it perfect with the Purugly, but with Mars, you're using both the eyelids AND the eyebrows separately to show the same emotion.
Let me show you some examples of what I mean.

This is probably the worst possible relationship between eyes and eyebrows where the two conflict in meaning.

This one's not too bad where the eyelids show more emotion with the eyebrows pushing the eyes down.

And this is probably the best example where the eyes are heavily shaped by the position of the eyebrows.

This criticism comes a place of love and a desire to see us all improve. Please do not throw rocks at the squirrel.
Man, quarantine, am I right?

Honestly, Lana's Hidden Power being the Fire Type just kinda exemplifies the nonsensically good luck that my friends know me for! Being able to cover your own weakness is pretty handy in a pinch, but probably not something you should rely on too much in a Nuzlocke.

Up Next: VS Mars, part 2!
Author Note
Ayyyyyyyyyy welcome back 😭😭😭 I've been missing this

Yeah um. sorry, I kinda... forgot to mention here that I would be taking a two-month break due to burnout and other factors. But I'm back now! I hope.

I usually post updates about my status over on my Patreon, if you want to keep tabs on that stuff.
Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that too. WOW I'M BAD AT THIS-
Yeah, I have a Patreon! You can support all of my comic-making endeavors there. I'll also periodically post exclusive stuff over there, and you can get spoilers if you so desire! For example, people who follow my Patreon can find out who the next team member after Lana is!

Speaking of... please welcome Lana to the team! She's a feisty little thing, and I'm enjoying writing for her so far.

Up Next: The Windworks, and two Team Galactic Commanders!
Author Note