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Last update: 16th Feb 2021, 8:12 PM
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Some Toonos has a condition that makes them able to change into monsters, these Toonos are called "Toonomons" and are more often than not feared and shunned. Lotl is one of these individuals with this condition. A new technology is being developed to keep the general public safe from these individuals: A.P.I - a prototype robot developed by HiveLight.



Hello, I'm here to take refuge from the SmackJeeves disaster.
I used to make comics on SmackJeeves MANY YEARS ago, please let me know if you remember the character in my avatar!

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Reg. psychologists (and many other professions), one should always consider the following question for the specific professional: Does it help or hurt their income to cure their patients? If it hurts their income to cure their patients, be extremely wary of having anything to do with them and at the very least take a number of precautions.
Counseling does look like a difficult and draining job. HiveLight has a nice ring to it, it sounds interesting.
That's all for now, unfortunately.

More about HiveLight in the next scene ;>
Author Note
Welcome and I've subbed this. :-).

I can't say anything for how commenting will go but I'll make an effort. You've noticed it doesn't happen all the time on DA, but I do see what hits my inbox.
Thank you! And the counselor not giving more reassurance is just me wanting to cut some padding out of this scene, since I want it to be short and just get to what I want it to accomplish :'>