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Last update: 2nd Oct 2021, 4:07 AM
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129 years after the Calamity, Joseph Halsbury discovers a rift between his world and another, thrusting him and his friends on a cross-country journey with no one to turn to—except each other. Despite the power he’s been granted, Joseph has no idea if it will be enough to protect them or even if it can save him from himself. Still, when the world needs a hero, someone’s gotta be the one to step up.


Hello! I’m bizfurd, a shell of a human being that never gets anything done

I'm @bizfurd everywhere

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I'm here for the long haul yo
I don't know if I told you this already but I love your distinct art style and am very excited to read this !!!
The Accidental Ninja
Ah... poor iPad. Rest In Pieces.
In all seriousness though, no worries. Take your time and do what you gotta do! And good luck in finding a new setup that works!
We're patient. You do what you need to do first.
Well, you definitely deserve all the views and subscribers Bizfurd! Hope that you get through your hardware issues without too much trouble.