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A historical slice-of-life romance story.
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A bunch of misfits going through adolescence a hundred years ago.

Historical slice of life fiction, traditionally drawn & colored.

Content: romance, disability themes, some mature content/coarse language, LGBTQ themes, depictions of racism, and physical & substance abuse. Recommended for readers 13 & older.


Comic hobbyist, whistler, knitter, herder of dozens of children. Sj expat.

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One thing that's consistently difficult for me when drawing is to remember the number and coverage of how many layers people wore back then. I give the automatic washing machine a lot of credit for changing that.

But it's kind of funny to think of a sock or stocking having the gravitas of lingerie XD
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In olden days a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking...
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Ha! Ha! Ha!
Left on 2.8 Million Watt Glare
5 days ago
Sorry to hear about your grandma, but glad she was able to share about it with you. Tough times make tough people... but it still sucks. Aggie's experience is drawn partly from my own family, but with none of the love that does seem to permeate the stories folks in my family have shared, which I feel makes things at least a little more bearable for the child.

Good question-
Frank (far right) and Uly (far left) are both 19 here.
The rest of the gang is all in the same grade- Eddie's the oldest (January birthday), followed by Marie, Cal, Joseph, Aggie, Cecilia (turning 14 in this scene) and Tony, whose birthday is ambiguous but is celebrated in October.

Height differences can be attributed to the cruelty of puberty, genetics, and childhood disasters :P

On this page, I originally figured the cast at a 12-17 split when I uploaded the comic, but added 2 more candles on the cake when I reuploaded to ComicFury, mostly so that it jives better with a scene I have in the pipeline when Joseph and Cecilia are still 13. Unfortunately I couldn't easily clone-tool the correct number of additional Ferrigan children to account for those added 2 years, but suffice to say they're off safe, somewhere...
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Danny McLimmon
5 days ago
Danny McLimmon
Poor Aggie. My grandmother recently told me about her upbringing, and it sounds like it was similar to Aggie's.

How much of an age variance is there between the core characters? This scene makes it appear there's more than I realized.
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