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A historical fiction drama/romance story.
Last update: 1st May 2021, 5:18 PM
Violent Content Occasional Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
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A bunch of misfits going through adolescence and adulthood a hundred years ago.

Historical slice of life fiction, traditionally drawn & colored.

Content: romance, disability themes, some mature content/coarse language, LGBTQ themes, nudity, sexual situations, depictions of racism, domestic, physical, substance, and parental abuse. Recommended for readers 13 & older.


The Big Missy. The Big Mama. The Large Marge.

And Mr. Jennings, where was he,
The man that we had asked to see
And who were we to think
That it was funny
That when she raised her glass she said,
She wasn't sure, he might be dead;
Or somewhere making love
To all his money

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Sorry to hear you were having a rough day. :( I hope things are at least a little better now.

Yeah, it can be interesting to write for characters who don't try to be empathetic! Which reminds me, I was surprised by the direction you took Darla's character by having her go through this traumatic loss. I feel like her intent here is to use Tony (Macaroni) as a rebound guy, but I'm curious if her feelings will change, and if there's any room for personal growth at all. All that stuff with Cecilia too—you really felt her inner conflict over Whitney. She really didn't get to explore what a relationship with him would have been like, so there is a sadness in not knowing what could've been. (Sidenote: I thought it was clever that our introduction to the Cecilia/Whitney relationship was his letter to her, and how she throws away the stationery to respond, and the conclusion of their relationship is brought about by Jospeh's letter because she kept it.) I think even Darla was surprised that Whitney was outside the door, so I'm curious if she will show any remorse over that, and if the two will be able to reconcile their differences at all, now that Darla's forced to stay here without anyone to really socialize with.

Big ole tangent! Seems I had some more Loud Era thoughts to wring out of my brain, heh. Anyway, I'm here wishing you the best!
Omg cactusaurus I have been having a really crappy day and this comment was one of the few bright shining moments in it so thank you for being my sunbeam today!!!

I'm so glad my comic was a good companion to you on a tough night! I saw my page views spike the other day so now I know why ^^

Phil has been SUPER fun to write for exactly that reason, and your comment about Jill's design really makes me smile. Yes, thank goodness aggies in a better spot at least for now! LOL there was an NSFW comic I read *years* ago where one of the characters actually <em>was</em> named Tony Macaroni, I should see if it's still running lol. And I'm glad to hear about Marie as well and I hope you'll like her story trajectory coming up!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. Seriously, I read this earlier and it has been one of the few buoys of my day aside from my son's kisses.
Couple nights ago, was feeling real crummy. Had to lie down, but was too restless to sleep and very bored!! So I decided to pick up your comic again. It made the night a lot more enjoyable! I'm only sorry that I wasn't feeling up to snuff to leave all the comments your work deserves. Well here are some quick thoughts!

I detest Phil. Eddie please get away from that man. Jill seems like a much truer friend and better person (and I really love her character design). I'm glad Aggie is finally less alone at least, and I hope things work out for her. I relate a lot to Tony, who fun fact I initially thought was named Tony Macaroni and in my head now he will always BE Tony Macaroni hahah. I LOVE Marie. She makes me laugh. A lot of your comic makes me laugh! Thanks for the wonderful story :)
Oh it was my pleasure! I've been meaning to check out your comic for a while now, since I have a soft spot for historical fiction :D I have really enjoyed it so far, and I really love all your characters!
Omg thank you for the compliment!! I like doing little things like that for my own amusement but I'm glad it's fun for readers too lol!

LOL XD I was never good at chess and after watching my husband get really into it.... I am even less inclined to play it lol I think you were right to stop when you did, it's never gonna be more fun than when you're in elementary school

Omg thanks for leaving all these comments, it put such a song in my heart!! I hope you had fun reading so far!!!