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Only one Louie can make a difference!
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Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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Jaden, a new born Louie from an unknown clan starts his journey to save all the clans from an evil threat. With Warey chasing him every step of the way, Jaden must put an end to it! Can Jaden save the clans from Dark Clan's rage? (This comic updates Fridays and Saturdays!) A comic series since: 2016 (It's why some pages are MS Paint and then drawn in Fire Alpaca.)


I'm an animator and a comic creator! Welcome to my profile! I will be posting comics of all kinds! You can also find me on Weasyl!


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Wow! XD

Drawing characters is now even more fun!
Thank you so much! ^w^

I deleted their comment and ignored them. No one has time for people that attack you and tries to play the victim, I have gotten this from 2 other people on furafinity who went by the name Tropylover and KIDKAT333. But thank you for the concern and have a wonderful day! : )
Wow, is someone having a bad day? I am sorry that person is calling you names and giving this comic a zero for no reason, you were nice about it, not sure why they are being a dick to you. And you are a male so why they are using female slurs is because they are a girl so they feel jealous of you. xD

Don't let them stop you, your comic is great! : )

May the sun shine on your worst days!
Already on page 550! Can we make it to 600 pages? Only one way to find out! : D

Seems like Gyus needs to be a meme now. Lol
Author Note
Please do not ask when the pages are coming out. Sometimes I get sick or I am out due to a holiday and if comic pages land on a holiday, they will come out the week after on Friday and Saturday.

Note: Calling me names doesn't earn my attention. I don't have to read what you have to say to me because I don't have time for bad comments. If anyone gives this comic a zero than its not hurting me, its hurting the people that do this because when they start making their own comics, anyone else can give their stuff a zero. You chose to read this comic and for what? To rant about me being rude? That never happened. I am more mature than that.

Also, putting words in my mouth doesn't work anymore, I have friends that will always fight for me against anything hate related.

Thanks to those that are loving the comic and giving it a 5! If you feel like some pages are a 2-4, then tell me how I can improve on their speech, the poses, the fights in each scene, anything! All it takes is courage and the love you all give!
Author Note