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Love Amongst the Flowers
A seemingly impossible romance between a Germaphobe and a Yuri nerd!
Last update: 24th Feb 2017, 9:00 PM
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Ran likes girls because they are neat and clean. Yuriko likes reading GL comics. They are going to school by bus. Ran is sitting down, minding her own business when she notices a snot covered tissue suddenly falls on her lap. (Yuriko was reading a comic and got emotional so she blew her nose on it.) Ran hates germs so she gets very mad and yells at Yuriko. What's worse? They go to the same school and their adventures start from there.


Just an artsy piggy dwelling in this massive universe~ :]

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This is adorable and exactly the thing I look for in a webcomic. Great work you've just got another subscriber!
This concludes Chapter 2 of Love Amongst the Flowers. I plan to take a long break to reboot the series but I didn't want to leave the chapter open. I will be uploading an end note with my plan and I hope you will stick around for that. Thank you for all your support!
Author Note
Welcome back readers! One more page until the end of Chapter 2.
I've been able to keep this schedule. Yay! ^_^ What time do you think is best to upload the page/ when do you feel like reading webcomics on a Friday? (Include your time zone please)
Author Note
Oooh~ What has Yuriko found? Find out next Friday! :)
Author Note
Uh oh....
What would Ayumu do now?
Author Note