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Last update: 11th Feb 2021, 8:00 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore
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Lucid Spring is a comic about a bunch of kids who team up in a city. They fight monsters, terrorism, and each other's stupidity I guess.

Updates every Monday!


i'm pax callow.

check out my dA, and consider supporting me through ko-fi! i also take commissions! message me for details.

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THANKS! and sorry. winter is a notoriously tough time for me creatively
Holy crap, you won the my-subscriptions regional hiatus race. Welcome back!
thank you so much! i'm really happy to hear that and i'm glad i could make your day more interesting! <3
gotta get rid of the evidence of my miraculous survival because im used to thinking i'll get in trouble for standing out
Author Note
I read this comic in a reunion with my family i was bored, but this comic made everything fantastic, love your drawings