Lucifer, my King
Gay Demons
Last update: 9th Apr 2022, 4:00 PM
Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
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Lucifer is tasked to keeping balance between Heaven and Hell after the War of Heaven ended centuries ago. Yet troubling signs suggest the Angels might go against their treaty. But that's not the only thing that seems to be going wrong, the fallen angel Satan is the key to officially ending the impending war but he's no where to be found. Now Lucifer must find him and end the madness before it begins so the War of Heaven does not resume.

Free version is 16+ (only contains themes and language)
Paid version is 18+ (not available yet)

Every Saturday at noon Eastern time.
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Idk what I'm doing with my life but it includes 3 dogs and my undying love for Vegeta.

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Hey, that's cool, too :) I like things like that :3
He's just there for background haha. That book is a staple for libraries but was easy to draw. No special meaning other than an easter egg haha
All. Those. Books.

Dude, don't give Nikita age lines. XD He will be most displeased.
Man, that's a kick *ss castle!
Okay, he's adorable in that second panel XD Love it