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A PMD Gijinka Comic
Last update: 13th Dec 2020, 5:15 PM
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The citizens of Phaydin know that if they ever stumble into a dungeon, they can trust they will be rescued. That is, until now. Something, or someone, is causing the dungeons and people of Phaydin to change. Whispers of the apocalypse sweep over the continent as old myths and tales resurface from centuries past. Lucky and his friends are determined to figure out how all the pieces are connected and stop whatever it is that is terrorizing Phaydin. But what they uncover is a story and a universe far greater than they could have ever imagined.

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A Pokémon fanatic who enjoys worldbuilding a bit too much. Works in the House of Representatives.

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Thank you!! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far! I always worry that the aspects you listed, which make the comic rather unique, can be off putting to readers, so it's really nice to hear you like it!
Oh thank you! Hopefully you'll enjoy it!
Nice comic so far! I like how you started the comic without the typical 'human waking up in another world with no memories' way, and how the enemy Pokemon are zombies! I also like that this is a gjinka comic!! I'm lookin' forward to seeing this comic progress!
Hehe, thought I'd give this a read! ^^ I'm excited to see what it's about!
And we're back! Thanks for letting me take that little break! All the event asks I posted have been moved for the time being for ease of reading flow. They're still there for you to read at your leisure but I moved them so as to not disrupt the chapter's flow. Now let's get back to the action!

I couldn't figure out how to squeeze Isaiah into the last panel so he temporarily just squeezes in as a Bayleef. He didn't actually turn into a Bayleef or anything. XD

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And be sure to check out the Patron tab too! The support of my patrons means a lot and actually allowed me to splurge a little when getting gifts this Christmas so I really appreciate everything they're doing for me over there. You get to see pages a week early as well as progress shots related to any comic pages I do so what's not to love!

Anyway, until next time, see ya!
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