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Last update: 22nd May 2020, 11:00 PM
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Lume has never known the day, only the lonely moon. The Ichor, the wandering shadows who once threatened to consume all things have long since been crippled. The crowns of nations young and old now look with greedy eyes at one another. Yunpol with its striding cities and Valmour with its walls draw their sabers and bare their fangs. Far to the Crest, in the heart of Ecran, something stirs.


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Oh yeah, them cuffs, I need to give him more screen time.
Yeah, I'm still not super sure about using prose and solo text, but it's good to know you thought it was cool.
Digging the clothing. Great perspective shots at that.
Clever way you handled a back and forth conversation here.
An interesting beginning with a charming art style.