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it's mostly journal comics
Last update: 8th Oct 2016, 4:32 AM
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Sometimes I just want to draw from my life. Here's some random comics about my random life experiences.


I love drawing. I like cute/creepy stuff. I play too much Zelda. I hope you like my comics.
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lol he's quite the little charmer ;)
Proxy eeeeee! :D Hi! I gotta catch up on your comic, I miss Project Arc!

Benji is a Papillon mix, little chihuahua in him...ehh, he also has a lot of freckles, so I think part spaniel too? He's a really adorable mutt. :P
Yeah he's like my teenage son! >.< I don't wanna see that!
Aw thank you! :) Puppy love is pretty cute
haha, he's actually pretty shy and socially awkward...he doesn't really let anyone pet him. :P I'm the only human he likes...so uh, there's hope for you, yep!