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Comic profile: LUNCHBOX
Story about several young adults
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Content flags: Sexual ContentStrong LanguageNudity
Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 9 days ago, 11:38 AM
Number of comics: 92
Number of subscribers: 56
Visitors: 22775 visitors (131017 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.96 (56 votes)

Comic description

Comic about several young adults going through different events
has LGBTQ+ themes
just assume everyone is transgender and pansexual unless a character states otherwise

mild NSFW but not rly graphic. rly its just a titty every now and then + mentions of sex


I draw a lot of concept art for my comics and also fanart on my twitter

Most recent comments left on LUNCHBOX

4 days ago
thats literally what i did, yeah
but i did use a reference, im fairly knew to drawing people in this setting
im still learning, and i appreciate your constructive criticism
Left on chapter 5: page 89
Guest (Guest)
5 days ago
I don’t think that’s how shading under a tree looks, it seems more like you just scribbled instead of properly observing how the shadow of a tree and a person sitting under it work together.
Left on chapter 5: page 89
9 days ago
Left on chapter 4: page 55
9 days ago
hello wow sorry for taking so long, i have no excuses
all i can say is thank you for sticking around, i refuse to let go of this webcomic until its done
Left on chapter 5: page 89
Issa (Guest)
31st Mar 2018
"Bjork Hall!!"
Are you a fan of Bjork?
Left on chapter 4: page 55