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Taking the world by lust storm.
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Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
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Owen Frost is a man who prefers porn over sex. However, he's been having trouble finding good material lately. Good thing a brand new tournament, Climax Royale, can give him the opportunity to fix his problem.

Vanilla Hentai/Comedy. Contains lots of sex, gets kinky at some points but nothing too extreme. I hope you enjoy.


Just an artist trying make a living off webcomics.

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Thank you for reading. :)

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Thank you! I'm hoping I can still update this comic while doing commissions. Drawing for money and drawing my own stories feel equally important, so finding a balance is gonna be tough lol.
No problem, I'd never begrudge someone for doing something that makes them money. I'm glad you are getting comissions. Besides, I've been offline for the past month, but I'm looking forward to your next update!
I just got commissioned for 15 pages, so I'll be busy with that for about two weeks. If I get the chance I'll update this comic, but for the time being I just wanted to keep you guys informed.

Oh, out of curiosity, would anyone here happen to know of any good hosts I can use where I can upload some... questionable content? It'd have to be super lenient for me to upload my finished commissions there. If there isn't a suitable host though, I'll just end up buying my own server and figuring things out that way, though it'll take much longer I'm sure.

Oh well, thanks for reading!
I'm back again... Where exactly did I abruptly disappear to this time? Well, I was busy doing a commission. I drew 12 pages of hentai someone requested from me. I plan on posting it on a website with a gallery where I'll keep all my commissions, because it contains certain tags that are not allowed around here.

Speaking of commissions, want me to draw some hentai or just normal comics for you? I charge $20 a page and am willing to draw almost anything... except furries cuz I suck at drawing them. If you want more info check out this page!

Thank you for reading!
Author Note
I'm planning on updating in a few days, I've just been busy with commissions lately.