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Level 30 Psychiatry
Because not all problems can be solved by sleeping at an inn. Updates Biweekly.
Last update: 15th Jun 2020, 6:20 PM
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In a world where video game characters co-exist one Pokemon has to sort out all the problems. Join Dr. Gardevoir and the other staff of the MM Memorial hospital as they keep the heroes, villains and NPCs of the world in good health.

tags: Level 30 Psychiatry, Mega Man, Final Fantasy, Space Quest, Kirlia


I'm a writer not an artist so... what am I doing here?
i'm serena
I'm Jacey. I help out a bit with Level 30 Psychiatry.
Note to self: Before running away from an eldritch abomination, go off on a tangent about its biology.

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Gratuitous:was unnecessary or uncalled for, yet still done.
Hah! There is no Arceus in this world!
If you're looking for pokemon to help out in a land-locked hospital, Hitmonlee would be a better choice. I would have said Hitmonchan, but their boxing glove hands would hinder holding plates and writing, while Hitmontop has balls for hands, so same issue.
I don't think that was the intention, frankly they could've gone with a translation of Pearl's Japanese name and named her Giant Pygmy, forgot what Marina's Japanese name was though