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Last update: 26th Feb 2019, 7:46 PM
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Mad Dog and Spot are just a couple of cool cats, even though they're dogs. When ever they get together fate always serves them a side dish of adventure with a cup of heart and just a pinch of high fives! Follow along as they encounter mad scientists, alternate dimensions, evil sandwiches and who knows what else! Mad Dog! Every Saturday at 8 o'clock - 7 central! (Or whenever you feel like reading it)


Sup Yo. I'm 28 yrs old at the moment. I enjoy going out of my way to rent Block Buster videos and eating kid cuisines. I like to travel and use Google earth to pretend I'm traveling. I'm married to my wonderful Gal Pal/Wife Ody. Hope you enjoy reading my comics!

-- Looey Q

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Hi Looey. I'm reading this on my phone and if you don't zoom in, it looks like Stubs has a third arm/hand (with no fingers) growing out of his cheek in panel 4 when his mouth is not open. I thought that was the reason he was weird, because he had a third arm. Hahaha
That's what you get for being a hypocrite
“Acazia ”
But if you don't electrocute them, it'll be harder for me to stab them (with my "fake" swords)
Here we are, two webcomic artists who have vanished into the ether. I always really appreciated your work and your comments. Hope we'll see you again someday!
“Pleased to meet you at Ultracon!”
Hello there. This is Elana Vital. Very nice to make your acquaintance today at the convention in Miami. I look forward to seeing more of your work!