Mage and Maestro
A magical, musical, comedic fantasy.
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Occasional Strong Language
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A court mage named Toni and a bard named Hans meet. This palace life is becoming a little noisier.

Mage and Maestro is a comedic fantasy 4-koma about two guys with no sense. Filled with friendship, fantasy worldbuilding, hard magic and jokes of varying quality. Updates Saturdays with fortnightly blog posts.


By day a researcher, by night an artist.
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I remember a cookbook with instructions on vegetable instruments. I wonder if my parents kept it.

Look forward to Wednesday's blog post! It'll be awesome!
Author Note
Human lightning rods do exist in this universe, but Toni isn't one of them.
Hans guarantees that after 101 pieces you'll be a genius like him. Unfortunately, nobody's actually made it through all 101 pieces yet.
Unfortunately, some laws of nature get obeyed even when you have an edge... makes sense.