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Webcomic profile: Magical Girl March
Magical Girl March
31 days of magical girls/boys in all their frilly, sparkly, ridiculous glory.
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Language: English
Genre: Other
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 29th Mar 2018, 5:30 AM
Number of comics: 88
Number of subscribers: 35
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Rating: 4.99 (94 votes)

Webcomic description

Following a 31 day magical girl drawing challenge, each day will have a new magical girl representing a theme from the challenge list.

You can find the challenge here!


Did comics at one point, probably will again in the future. Definitely a magical girl.

Most recent comments left on Magical Girl March

Matt Comics
31st Mar 2018
Matt Comics
Oooh I wish I could "fave" comic pages.

This automatically started playing in my head when I first saw her.
Left on 2018 Day 17 - Western/Gunslinger
29th Mar 2018
Day 17 - western/gunslinger

I'm actually incredibly proud of this one despite hating cowboys/cowboy things with every fiber of my being. I really like the angle too. And the colors. And her shoes. I like the whole damn thing I'm very happy with this one.
Left on 2018 Day 17 - Western/Gunslinger
29th Mar 2018
Day 16 - Aquatic

I really love the aquatic theme, I've personally been justifying it as different from the later 'elemental' theme by saying it's not limited to just the concept of water as an element.

So I'm thinking in the future of leaning more towards gals based on different kinds of aquatic environments (deep sea, swamp, tide pools, etc) and creatures. Also mermaids.

I did something slightly different with the art in this illustration. I did the eyes in more-or-less a 70's shoujo manga style. If you know anything about me and my art you know I'm a sucker for vintage shoujo manga and it's art style.

I'm also trying to branch out and try different brushes for inking. That's half the reason I fell so far behind honestly I kept messing with brushes and not actually drawing lmao.

But!! My goal for this year is to complete this challenge regardless of whether it's on time or not. I'm going to draw all 31 drawings even if it takes me into April. And actually I'm not super far behind?? I've got a lot of sketches prepped for upcoming days it's just between health issues and car problems being able to really sit down and get anything done has been a hassle and a half this entire month.
Left on 2018 Day 16 - Aquatic
29th Mar 2018
Day 15 - princess

OKAY so I'm kinda cheating just a bit with this one. This is an actual OC of mine and her actual theme is "nobility" but her transformation phrase involves terms of royalty so it's fine I do what I want.

Though now that I think about it her "upgrades" involve her looking more and more like a princess so hah it's all good in the hood.

This gal is also a character from the same story as the girls from days 7 and 12. They're all friends and I'm excited to eventually draw them hanging out and their shenanigans. I am still a little on the fence about her color scheme though, I keep flip-flopping between purple and like... I think 'orchid' is the closest description of the color I'm thinking of (it's like a pinkish-purple, it's a nice color).
Left on 2018 Day 15 - Princess
29th Mar 2018
Day 14 - young

This day is always a challenge for some reason?? I never know why, you'd think this theme would be easy since 95% of magical girls are younger girls (between ages 12-14 is what I consider a "young" magical girl, I think on average the oldest they get is 17-18 years old in most forms of media and on average the youngest is 11-12).

Either way I really love the color scheme and outfit here. I've been really into overall-shorts lately (I even bought myself a pair).
Left on 2018 Day 14 - Young