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Last update: 26th Jun 2021, 5:00 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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"Magience" was a new video game, one you could play while awake OR asleep thanks to an innovative headset. No one was quite sure the exact technology behind it, only that it was top-of-the-line and very mysterious. In a world of fantasy, players get one character to level and adventure with, exploring an infinitely growing and evolving world. However, it's not long before people start to notice certain oddities, and certain strange theories and rumors start popping up all over the place, both in game and in real life. Crazy as it sounded, what if "Magience" wasn't just a game after all?




I draw and I write and sometimes I even pretend to be an Adult™️

Nana (Yuuki) | 29 | Writer | Very Asexual with a platonic appreciation for the ladies.

I'm also single but not ready to mingle. I like roleplaying, playing easy PC games, Noragami, K-Pop (BTS and SHINee, mostly), and. Uh. I procrastinate a lot. And always tired. Untreated ADHD, bitch. But I honestly do my best I promise.

Simon | 29 | Workaholic | Pretty Gay

single and ready to take a fucking nap

I have no clue what I'm doing

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Wonderful page - all the fun of a real adventuring party
Zoom in on one of the little comments the guards make. My title will make more sense.
Me again, just wanted to stop by and say I hope you are doing well! Take all the time you need, we'll be patient. Your health is the top priority. We are still rooting for you and want to see you do well in life!
Hope you're all doing okay <3
Hope you get the rest you need and that the surgery goes off without a hitch, take all the time you need to feel better, and make your life better, we'll still be here when you return :)