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The story of the world's most annoying Uber driver.


heyo, you can call me contra! i like to draw and write, so i love making comics, haha

if you want to find me somewhere else (ig, tumblr, etc.), you can check out my Linktree!

hope you have a lovely day!

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Wow, thank you so much for your kind words! I'm happy you ended up enjoying it, it really means a lot. The feeling of missing someone is a tough one to come to terms with.

Thank YOU for Making the Time to read it!! hyuk hyuk
I just bumped into this comic from the front page! Right on it's closing page too!
Anyway, I gave it a look through.
And ended up reading the whole thing. I knew an artist once, and I miss them a lot.
Great comic, thanks for taking the time to make this. Or rather thanks for Making the Time for this. hyuk hyuk
And that's a wrap! Thank you so much for reading--it truly means the world to me!!

Sorry again about how long it took for me to finally get the whole thing up here, but I'm very happy to finally have it all up! Thank you again, and I hope you take care! (And if you checked Making the Time out on its webtoons or its tapas mirror, you may have noticed that the bonus story still has yet to be uploaded--I'll be getting around to that very soon!)

Take care until next time! :D
Author Note
haha page 69
Author Note
hey there!! gonna finally kick my ass in gear and get this comic fully uploaded over here!! so sorry about the unintentional negligence that was offered this version of the comic--but let's see if i can start managing my time better and be consistent wrt comicfury!!

Making the Time is already complete, and you can read the full thing on either webtoons or on tapas, but if you prefer the delightful nature of a comicfury site, this will be updating daily until we reach the end!

Hope you'll enjoy, and take care! Thank you again for reading :)
Author Note