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Rashly curious.
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An intrepid ten year-old girl indulges her curiosity, often learning the hard way, with a bit of wisdom from her grandfather, Odran.

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I'm an aspiring animated series creator, fiction writer, television writer, poet, comic writer, comic illustrator, general illustrator, karaoke singer, and hat enthusiast. I currently work out of Indianapolis, and I received my Bachelors in Media Arts and Science from IUPUI, with a minor in Creative Writing. My illustrations and writing has been published in three separate university arts journals, including IUPUI's Genesis Magazine, Butler University's Manuscripts Journal, and California State University-Northridge's Review journal.

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It's Star Wars Day! Enjoy a little holiday postcard from Mallory Bash.
Author Note
Thank you!
This is beautiful.
The dreaming Tree changes people, that's for sure.
I fully accept this as cannon.
Earlier today I was thinking about your card with Mallory dressed as a bunny in a perspective where she appears 50 feet tall!
Nightmare fuel like that never leaves you. (Shiver)
Happy eggs day!
Jason Moon
Where is me pot a gold*