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Comic profile: The Mansion of E
The Mansion of E
A daily fantasy webcomic
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Content flags: Violent Content
Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Today, 7:00 AM
Number of comics: 1773
Number of subscribers: 12
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Rating: 5 (4 votes)

Comic description

The Mansion of E is a large and mysterious structure perched on a cliff overlooking a very Specific Ocean, with a sprawling Basement and surrounding Forest. This strip details the existence of the Mansion's many and diverse inhabitants, including the Humans who theoretically own it. The sudden arrival on the scene of wandering heroine Rosemary Ripley sets loose a maelstrom of change, political, social and otherwise.


A balding slacker who lives in Washington State and draws silly pictures.

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Snegurka was sent for the file here.
Left on 2018-11-16
5 days ago
Fred was talking about the Noodle Incident here.
Left on 2018-11-12
6 days ago
Azimuth occupies the mountain range at the center of the Near World. It fought a bitter and ultimately losing war
against the invading theocracy of Kaylu, and then regained its freedom following The Crash. There are still a few Azimuthian veterans of that
war alive today, even as the memory of it was swept aside by The Crash.

Veteran's/Remembrance Day 2018.
Left on 2018-11-11
11 days ago
Ambir (Am-beer) is a/the coastal nation in the
Djinnwaste, and is also a confederation of nine city-states, the Princes of
which choose their ultimate ruler by voting among themselves. (And as seen above, yes, Princes can be female.)
If you live in the US, follow their example and get out to the polls.

Election Day 2018.
Left on 2018-11-06
12 days ago
The contents of the wall safe were last being shuffled here.
Left on 2018-11-05