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Maor, a village cat boy is going into a crossroad in his life. In question about his peculiar palm aura, he needs to enter the distant pagoda to find out.
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Allen T
Allen T
Hi! I'm the creator of fantasy drama anthro/furry manga-styled comic 'MAOR'.

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Allen T
This pesky worldbuilding trivia. I'll try to keep the math out of the story as much as possible from now on. :)
Allen T
A bird specie I made up: some kind of 'land' gull.
I did not understand a single thing they just said... Fictional maths...
crane-secretarybird hybrid?
Allen T
The animal folks usually don't really need to learn proper math like +-x/ (yeah they're really low level) But some professions like money exchanger/merchant they do need some math education for good. Our Maor didn't learn a better finger-counting method, like ever ;D

Ps: this update was not intended to have a cliffhanger like this, there should have more pages but I can only put out 2 pages this time.
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