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A young rat dragon that goes by the name Ring must restore equilibrium to the world. Ring had upset the delicate balance by committing a horrible crime in the past, and must right the wrongs before it is too late. However, a god-like ghast that is often called Fate has other plans for Ring.

On indefinite hiatus.


Hey I'm Cal! 20 yo student artist who draws in their free time.
-Currently working on a comic that should release before summer

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So I'm discontinuing the comic for the foreseeable future, but putting up all the work I had done up to this point. This is the last page so here's the infodump.

Basically, last year summertime I fell out of my rhythm of making pages, and never got it back. Making the pages no longer feels fun to me, and it feels like a chore. It also doesn't help that I was flying by the seat of my pants the whole time, with only a vague plot outline and an unedited script as my guide.
The further I went along, the messier things got. My skills improved, and almost all of the art in the comic began making me feel sad since it all looked so bad and wasn't up to the standard that I wanted it to be. I thought about a redraw, but realized that I'd first need to fix all the plot issues and inconsistencies before I could even start thinking of fixing the art. And then I realized that I'd have to redraw over 100 pages to my current standards, and that added to my demotivation.
That option seemed like too much of a timesink to me so I decided I'd just drop the project alltogether and let it rest till I feel like touching it again. I'll still be using the characters for other things, just not working on the comic anymore. Not to mention that I'm having the itch to move on to better comic projects, and actually have two in the works as of now.

If you're interested in knowing more about any of the characters, the world, what the plot was for the comic, you're free to ask below or note me or something.

The two comic projects I have in the works mentioned above:
One is the one that Dove and co. are from, still very much in the wip phase and I've been slowly chipping away at it over the past 3 years. The story has changed a lot from its conception, but many of the important things are still the same. This will be an adventure comic and I can't say much more without spoiling things as of now.
The other one is going to be a much smaller adventure comic, I'm using it to prepare myself for the bigger one. It's a more lighthearted comic about Parry and Capsacian on their way across a pokemon region or two, trying to return to their trainer before he gets sent off to boarding school. Most of the pokemon in the story will be hybrids/etc. since it's more visually interesting and fun to draw.
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Thank you!
I really like how expressive your sketches turned out
Busy with final projects! The comic will resume on the 14th.
Author Note
Nah, he can't die yet