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Comics that don't fit anywhere else.


Hi, I'm Leafa! I love weird things in little bottles, making comics, writing stories and getting random cats in the street to notice me. 🐈

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I am so enjoying these short comics.
science can answer many questions ..just not necessarily the ones we asked.

"yes, I ate you .. "
Since I read his book I have kept returning to the idea of "being a shopkeeper" as a path I want to avoid - it can be easy to see financial gain as a major marker of success and legitimacy, but there are other, IMO more interesting approaches to life.

(Of course being able to say that is a product of the privilege of knowing you have enough in the bank to cover your basic needs)
Chippewa Ghost
"A nation of shopkeepers"

Cherry's language was far nicer than this coarse braying that passes for communication these days, "but the more things change..."
Although they all survived the penguin egg Winter Journey, his companions Bill Wilson and Birdie Bowers were two of the five men picked by Scott to make the final push for the pole. They died in the attempt, leaving Cherry to return to England as the sole survivor of the egg journey.

I love the last words of his account of the Antarctic expedition, which I keep thinking back to when I'm wondering why I'm doing a thing - whether it's all worth it:

"And I tell you, if you have the desire for knowledge and the power to give it physical expression, go out and explore. If you are a brave man you will do nothing: if you are fearful you may do much, for none but cowards have need to prove their bravery. Some will tell you that you are mad, and nearly all will say, "What is the use?" For we are a nation of shopkeepers, and no shopkeeper will look at research which does not promise him a financial return within a year. And so you will sledge nearly alone, but those with whom you sledge will not be shopkeepers: that is worth a good deal. If you march your Winter Journeys you will have your reward, so long as all you want is a penguin's egg."
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