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A comic full of drama, and none of it is your problem.
Last update: 26th Jul 2022, 4:00 AM
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After two years from his father's death, RJ inherits an Arabian lamp with a genie inside of it. RJ's refusal to make wishes and Griha's stubbornness cause her to twist RJ's words into a wish that binds them together for the next 7 years.

Now they have to learn to find balance between them and live together as roommates in a small apartment all while trying to deal with RJ's ex, his perverted roommate and genius best friend.

Comic updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays :)


I'm Hanna, born and raised in Finland until at the age of 20 I realized I had found the love of my life and I moved across the ocean to America to marry him johnnywhoa. I'm the kind of person who loves to talk, but I also am an introvert so you will see a fun mix of the two from time to time. I have lived 20 years of my life in Finland, and so I would appreciate if you took my culture in consideration if sometimes my social skills don't seem to match yours.

Finnish people are coconuts: Hard on the outside, but we have a soft gooey inside :heart:

My style:
I started with manga long time ago, but I have worked really hard to streer further from it. Nowadays I prefer to call my style cartoon, and some professional artists have gone as far as to call it Disney. Well I'm not gonna argue! Cartoon Disney it is! Hahaha XD

Anyway I appreciate you took the time to read this and not only that but visited my page! I hope you like my style and like what I make in the future.


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Yup! My schedule is uncertain right now, because we're moving on Friday, but Marid will be returning (with once a week updates) by mid to late October!
So........Chapter 12 pretty soon ??
I relax my own ways. No worries :3
“When your stressed...”
Take a moment or two, sit down with a hot drink (your choice) put your feet up and slowly sip your drink...it is a relaxing time that your body needs...trust me, I've been there...

In my case it was wrist surgery on my nondominant hand. The problem has been just getting my workload taken care of while balancing things.
I've been balancing house hunts, last minute conventions, commissions, packing, limited use of hands because of the wrist surgery, going to my dentist to take care of things before moving day, maintaining diet, and trying to get a huge project done for December's convention. I'm just desperately trying to chip away little bits and pieces as I go, so I can start focusing more on my comics.