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Mario and Luigi's silly adventures as plumbers

Mirror site, old comics from 2006-2020 are uploaded Mon/Wed/Fri or you can view the archive at http://mariosdayjob.butterscotchcomics.com/, where new comics are being uploaded every two weeks.


Hey, Butters here! You might remember me from Smack Jeeves. I moved to own hosting when SJ died, but I decided to use Comic Fury as a mirror.

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Let me guess, zelda is next
I'd say they did good work. We all know brunettes are prettier than blondes, plus it'll make Luigi mad!
Hero of Comedy
He must have mixed in the notes for Burn Baby Burn.
Hero of Comedy
When you find something that works for you, you go with it.

Though to be fair, kidnapping Peach never works out for Bowser.
Jason Moon
This looks awesome! I miss the mario cartoon on tv back when I was a kid!