Moon King guide to real martial arts
Real ultimate power
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This comic will make you crap your pants, and if you are not really strong you will probably die


Panda Cop
Panda Cop
Panda Cop is a Panda man who is a cop in J city. He kills bad guys and hangs out with Ganmi his best m8.

Also there is Gator Man and a bunch of freaks and cannibals.

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That is why I have only one comic project.
Good luck on your Comiccreating journey!
Panda Cop
Yeah i have heaps on stuff i want to do on this but you know there is never enough time. Because of your comment maybe i can kenshiro msuter up enough spirit power to get some pages done
Philosophy reminds me of Fist of the north star where the inner feelings of the characters affected their fighting capabilities and often decided who could win a big fight.
Manga was soo satisfiying to read including the finale.