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Situaciones cotidianas con un toque de surrealeza.


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1-Tex: What do you think it is?
2-Jenny: Honestly, I don't want to know.
3-Tex: I think we should take it at once.
4-Jenny: I'm assuming the flamingo will be glad with this.
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1-Employee: Alright guys, your gift is in the table in back. I hope whoever gets it likes it.
2-Jenny: OK, thank you.
3/4-Employee: Hey, come back here! You haven't paid yet. Running a business like this is complicated. My boss will kill me for this.
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1-Jenny: We're looking for a present for an acquaintance.
2-Employee: Are you looking for something specific or you want the first thing that comes out from here?
3-Tex: The first thing that comes up is okay.
4-Employee: Alright. Wait while I check out the trash.
Author Note
1-Tex: Max sent us to distract Gina while they get her present.
2-Jenny: That happened five minutes ago. You didn't have to explain it.
3-Tex: Now we gotta get her a present from our part.
4-Jenny: Could you stop explaining it all?
Author Note
1-Rox: Név, do you know how to make shoes?
2-Név: Yes, but it would take a lot of time. We're too perfectionist in my country.
3-Max: We came to you because nobody sells shoes that big. / Név: How long do you want them?
4-Max: About 18 inches. / Név: I don't think I have enough material, but I'll try anyways.
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