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Situaciones cotidianas con un toque de surrealeza.


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1-Rubén: This is Ben. You're going to babysit him.
2-Rox: Is your son a lizard?
3-Ben: The giant bird's creeping me out.
4-Bárbara: Sorry. She was the only one we could afford.
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1-Rubén: It must be her.
2-Bárbara: Alright, you can come in.
3/4-Rox: Please excuse me for being late... What happened to your legs?
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1- It's okay, you must calm down.
2- I know it's your first time, but you wanted this job.
3- Besides, it can't be too bad.
4- (thinking) Stop talking and ring the doorbell!
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1-Gina: Rox, I found something that could help you.
2/3-Rox: Wanted: Babysitter. Urgent. Good salary. / Thank you. It's the best thing that happened to me lately.
4-Gina: (thinking) A baby with a full diaper.
Author Note
1-Tex: How about working at a fast food place?
Rox: Too much fat.
2-Tex: How about waiter?
Rox: Too much workload.
3-Tex: Valet parking?
Rox: I don't have a license.
4-Tex: Then bus driver's out.
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