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Max Jaw
A gangster for hire, and his trusty cat. A Film Noir Cinematic Experience.
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Occasional Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations Frequent Strong Language
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“Max Jaw is a tough, relentless, cool, ruthless gangster. With the help of his trusty cat he hunts down his man and ends him. This is a beautiful stylized minimal comic with sparse text, evocative images, simple colors and silhouettes. This is definitely a case of ‘show, don’t tell!’ It’s a very arty comic and an arty story about the brutal life of Max Jaw”


A professional poet, and comic, with a Love for rotoscoped animation and art.

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Dear JCorrachComics, your concern is very legitimate. Max Jaw uses Polygon as it’s main technology for NFT’s. It uses 0.00079 TWh annually compared to Etherium at 74.6 TWh or BitCoin at 90-160 TWh . Better protocols are emerging, and you bet your ass we’ll be switching as soon as they’re available.
:( Awh dude you're doing nfts? do you know how big of a pollutant they are?
The Ending of Sofia, enjoy.
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To be continued...
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Thank you! That’s very kind of you.
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