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Max Wants to Take over the World
Uploads Mondays and Wednesdays
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Comic language: English
Genre: Gag-a-day
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 2 days ago, 12:00 AM
Number of comics: 42
Number of subscribers: 1
Visitors: 1510 visitors (9371 pages viewed)
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Comic description

Max is an ambitious but lazy school kid who has the desire to take over the world. He might need better company than his friends to pull this off, but you may as well just enjoy the show anyway.


Most recent comments left on Max Wants to Take over the World

4th Apr 2018
I had trouble squeezing it into four panels, so I tried a "complex maneuver" in the last one. I think it works.

Also I forgot to add the teacher's moustache until the last minute.
Left on 37. Club Brainstorm
2nd Apr 2018
This is one of my favourites.
Left on 36. Unpopular
19th Mar 2018
Yes. Yes it does.

I have a button on top where you can vote for it at TopWebComics, and if enough people vote for it everyday (Once per machine) then it might just rise through the ranks and then more people will find the comic on there. I think. I'm not quite sure but something will indeed happen. So please vote.
Left on 32. Submitting the Club
14th Mar 2018
Oh the plot points that will occur...

I started a twitter for the comic:
Left on 31. Getting People to Let Me Rule Them Is Tricky
12th Mar 2018
I HAVE A SOCIAL NOW! I couldn't put the entire title as my username. Damn you micro-conversation culture.
Left on 30. Isn't That Funny Archie?