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Karma Is A Bitch And I am Her.
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After committing suicide, superstar Hollywood actress Victoria Starfield is resurrected and given inhuman abilities by a supernatural organization called Crowd Control. She must locate and protect a group of children that hold a key to the next stage of human evolution.


Artist hanging out in Long Beach.

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Grey Garou
You can run out of luck, out of friends, out of fortune, out of hope...you can dig deeper and deeper for something until you hit the hard edge of the shell, or you might open up a well of despair.

Funny how we can run out of so much we need, but pain seems to have no expiration date.
Grey Garou
I must admit, I severely underestimated this comic when I first looked at it. Both in art and story.
It's true, the news focus solely on negativity to spread more negativity. They tend to focus only on well known people and places. Rarely will we hear about more private lives unless it's natural disasters.
Grey Garou
I think she can be forgiven for being a bit angry, given the circumstances. Fighting pure evil tends to invoke that emotion.
This page is just NUTZ!

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