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Kookie space adventures...teenagers cope with the challenges of blah blah blah.


In 1983, my friends and I accidentally got our Algebra teacher fired...
That's what "Way Out There" is about.

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What are you talking about,… that’s mine!
Goldie Horn?
Why no one's picked that name for their porn moniker, I'll never know!,
Uncle Zap
I'd never heard of Funk and Wagnalls until I heard them use it a few times during comedy bits on Laugh-In. Seems like Carson would mention F&W in his monologues once in a while as well. I thought it was a made up name at the time. :)
Well why shouldn’t she be?… Goldie Horn wants her punchline back
I was a little concerned about the appearance of the shading on poor Kathy's PJ's.
Both you and Area 5.1 think that Stan is going to meet someone famous....I hate to spoil it, but he ain't! Still, I promise that it will be worthwhile.
Thanks for checking in Zap. As long as you're enjoying the comic, I'll enjoy posting it for you....(although this CHAPTER of the saga eventually ends, with a new one afterwards).
The 1970 Funk and Wagnalls Standard Reference encyclopedia that I grew up reading are worth up to $275 and more on eBay...I think my dad bought them at the supermarket!