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Plaire Stevens moves into her new home, which is very cheap and normal. MDA is an interactive, CYOA-style comic with horror, modern fantasy and isekai elements. The protagonist's actions are driven by the reader comment section.

Also, yes, the re-upload on Royal Road is official.


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Here's one more option for Vainglory's identity: Cora, from the magic bookshop, right near the end of BiM. While she (from the pixel sprite, at least) looks a little shorter and darker haired, the resemblence isn't far off. She canonically has access to unknown magic (which could have allowed her some knowledge about the Choir), has kept tabs on and interacted with Mine (hugs), and has *literally been seen messing around with attention/memory altering spells* in the form of an un-noticable shotgun. She was wearing glasses before, but with the DNR tape blindfold who knows <shrug>. That would definitely be an obscure reference, but of the people we know I think it fits better than any of the other options we've been punting around. It's still a definite possibility that it's just a memory-erasure plot thread, and we've never seen her before though.
Might be a couple days on the next page, internet's been doodoo and thanksgiving was thanksgiving
I'm with Snervalton here. I get the respect and that we're keeping up a bit of roleplay because it's fun, but this is still ultimately entertainment (besides being a source of income for our dear Morgenstern). So I can see us logically vetoing 'forcing' Plaire strip and streak naked through MondolMall, but going to these extremes to avoid doing anything that could possibly make an IRL person uncomfortable at all seems, frankly, to be projecting a bit. Again, I'm saying this respectfully, and everyone will do the rping to a different degree, but yelling at anyone who "thinks about ordering her" is rather agressive for what should be a fun diversion IMO...
Yeah, is this Elizabeth?
Honestly, I feel like this needs to be said: Plaire is a fictional character. I understand that people can get attached to and invested in fictional characters but we're not doing anybody any harm by making suggestions as to what a character should do in a story that's meant to be for fun. If you put pressure on a real person to do things or towards romance with the person you think is right for them then you might be moving into unethical territory. But Plaire can't suffer any psychological trauma or have her life ruined because she's not alive. That's why I have no problem giving a +1 to her flirting with another fictional character or suggesting whatever else to her.