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Webcomic profile: Mechanically Inclined
Mechanically Inclined
An Interactive Webcomic
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong Language
Language: English
Genre: Action
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Today, 5:31 AM
Number of comics: 90
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Webcomic description

Alice Welch wakes up alone under a red alert, with an ominous message from her co-worker. What's going on in this lab? And why is everything suddenly trying to kill her?

Mechanically Inclined is an interactive pixel art comic updating at least once a day, unless real life gets in the way.


i'm mochi, or momo. i used use this account specifically for commenting on Blood is Mine, but now i have my own comic, Mechanically Inclined. i sure would appreciate it if you could take a look!

icon drawn by rufiangel

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The Green Bunny (Guest)
Examine laser-pen, penlight, notebook and tablet.

Aso, why are we crows?
Left on Check the Tim.
Beeline for the penlight. I wonder if he literally made it into a key to shut down the systems, like you plug it into a port and down Daisy goes?
Left on Check the Tim.
You ask Trin to check Dr. Calloway's inventory tab. They pull it up, and you all crows around to see it.

The way the inventory tab works, items that are used recently or frequently appear near the top. That way, you don't need to look through all your stuff to find your favourite spanner or your cellphone and car keys. At the top of Dr. Calloway's inventory are several things. You see two usb keys, a pen with a built in laser pointer, his cellphone, his car keys, a pretty generic notebook, a small tablet and what looks to be a penlight.
Left on Check the Tim.
2 days ago
Rejoin Pythia, check computer, check TIM.
Left on Clean off the Tim.
2 days ago
You ask Trin if the Tims are really that waterproof. Their ear twitches, and they nod.

"I would not be suggesting such a thing if it was having potential to ruin only way we have of stopping Daisy," they say.

They raise a good point.

"Wait, we have a way of stopping Daisy?" Pythia asks.

"The riddle" Taiki says, "it points to something in Calloway's Tim that'll let us access a back door he built into Daisy's neural network. Or, so he says. There's a video on the computer."

You ask Pythia if she'd mind watching it. Maybe there's something she can glean using her skills for behavioral analysis.

She nods. "I'll have a look," she says, walking over to the computer and starting the video again.

Trin, still holding the bloody Tim, sighs and shifts their hold on it slightly. "I will go to next room and wash Tim," they say, "there are sinks there."

And a dead Ballan. You ask Trin if they're sure they'll be okay on their own.

They smile, faintly. "I will be fine," they say, "thank you, Alice."

"I'm gonna come with you anyways," Taiki says.

Trin doesn't protest, the two of them leaving the office to go into the room next door. Pythia continues watching the video, and you start having a look around to see if anything out in the open seems to fit with the riddle. You don't get very far before Pythia stops the recording.

"I'm not getting anything," she says, "nothing helpful, at least. He's in pain, and he's afraid, and he's full of regret. I think... I think he likely knew that his wound was going to kill him. That's why he left this."

She looks over to Calloway's body. "I feel sorry for him. I believe him when he says his intention was to make something that would keep people safer."

You nod, and thank her for having a look at it anyways. You ask her what she thinks he meant by "the light is the key".

She shrugs. "It's hard to say. Maybe it's something with a light on it, or a light blinking in code, or even a certain wavelength of light. Once we can see what he had on him, we might be able to get a better idea."

A few minutes pass, and you can hear Trin and Taiki talking in the hall as they make their way back.

"I don't care that they're on our side," Taiki says, "having three unmoving, always watching death robots standing around in a room with you is fucking creepy."

"They are not having idles," you hear Trin reply, a faint hint of amusement in their voice, "when not walking, all they are being able to do is stand there."

"They should've programmed in idles, then," Tai responds as they walk in.

"Tim is clean," Trin says, holding it up. "Or clean enough."
Left on Clean off the Tim.