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Paranormal investigation ain't so hard...
Last update: 19th Oct 2020, 12:44 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations Frequent Strong Language
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5 teenagers take a college course in "Parapsychology's Practical Applications in Modern Cryptocriminology 101".
The teacher's weird. The lesson plan is weird. The classmates are weird. The question is: Is the whole WORLD weird? If not, then, why does EVERYONE believe in ghosts?

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Phoenix In Crisis
Phoenix In Crisis
I am Jack's Identity Crisis.
Or, at least, I'm JOHNNY's Identity Crisis.

Octopus Ink
Octopus Ink
The Wreck in Resurrection.

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Hoping there is more!
Phoenix In Crisis
That depends on how I feel going forward.
I'd like to do more Meddlesome.
I'd like to do more of all my comics, but, Real Life has a way of kicking me in the nuts.
If things turn around, there may be more Meddlesome by early summer.
So, is that it for Meddlesome or just this arc?
Frankie knows how to take advantage of a good opportunity lol! ♥
Phoenix In Crisis
Thanks, Cosmic!
Once this current chapter of my superhero comic is done, I may just wade right back into Meddlesome again.