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Paranormal investigation ain't so hard...
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5 teenagers take a college course in "Parapsychology's Practical Applications in Modern Cryptocriminology 101".
The teacher's weird. The lesson plan is weird. The classmates are weird. The question is: Is the whole WORLD weird? If not, then, why does EVERYONE believe in ghosts?

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Phoenix In Crisis
Phoenix In Crisis
I am Jack's Identity Crisis.
Or, at least, I'm JOHNNY's Identity Crisis.

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Phoenix In Crisis
... and a really BIG billy-club!
Phoenix In Crisis
It's a possibility... Just maybe not the girl on girl you're thinking of.
Phoenix In Crisis
It took me a while to finish this. I started in February!
Of course, the pseudoapocalypse DID kick me in the nuts for most of this year as far as comicking went.

IWATSV is the next thing up to bat. If there's enough interest for me to continue Meddlesome, it will be sometime in 2021.
(I CAN write 5 comics at once. It's the COMPLETING 5 comics at once I have trouble with!)
Thanks for the support, I do appreciate it!
The Letter M
You know I love it. I just know you can't write 5 comics at once and I'm way into your super hero stuff. Go with your heart though. I'll be reading it.
*insert BAD joke about police chokeholds*