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Last update: 24th Apr 2020, 9:04 PM
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A fan story based on the Mega Man series meant for fans. Dr. Light's young colleague Dr. Hook is facing a problem that is affecting the entire city. Her newest line of robots has gone out of control and wants to take over the city for themselves while forcing out the humans. Can Mega Man with the help of his brother Proto Man and other robots created by Dr. Light stop them?


A pixel artist and Mega Man fan!

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Mega Man, look out!
As mentioned, the Element 5 were all supposed to have a powered form called Max form (similar to Armored phenomenon forms from Mega Man Zero 2). These are Grave Max, Presto Max and Piano Max. I have lost the sprites for Adagio Max (I don't even remember what it looked like), as well as a mech suit for Dr. Hook and an attack hellicopter used by Commando Met and Joe.
Author Note
The vehicles used in the comic. The cloud ring on the Weather unifier is the final look of the fortress, which is why it is included here.
Author Note
The enemies and "sub bosses". Did not include enemy sprites taken from official games.
Author Note
The various background characters. I did a new sprite for Bass. The only characters not sprited or retouched by me are Treble and Shade Man.
Author Note

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