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Memories of the Future
A webcomic which contains a flying goat monster. Allegedly updates Saturdays.
Last update: 2 days ago, 1:00 AM
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Science fantasy with a healthy sense of humor and art that is slowly getting better.


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Simon's Internal Monologue: Man, what a day. Now that the excitement's over I'm remembering I never got to sleep after work.
SIM: Well, it's done now so I can finally get some rest.
SIM: I'm seeing her again tomorrow!
Author Note
This page was definitely sketched, maybe inked back in 2019, but it was colored with the old coloring pencils I found a couple weeks ago. I remembered about my update right before bed again, but this time I felt like staying up late to get it ready for midnight.
Author Note
Simon: "It's not really our place to question the founders, is it?"
Lillian: "No, you're right, it was just a thought."
Simon's Internal Monologue: Shooot I could have handled that better. What if she thinks I'm short-tempered?
Lillian: "Well I better get going. It was nice meeting you."
Simon: "Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to snap at you."
Lillian: "What? No, don't worry about that. I just need to get home before my childcare provider starts charging overtime."
Simon: "I see. Will I ever see you again?"
Lillian: "Hm? No need to be so dramatic."
Lillian: "Does the same place and time tomorrow work for you?"
Simon: "Yeah!"
Author Note
So the reason why this is going up now instead of midnight is because I just remembered about it as I was going to bed last night and did not feel like staying up half an hour later putting it up. My sister is loaning me her scanner so after I have that borrowed I may re-upload a properly scanned image of this page and the last few ones.
Author Note
Simon: "Oh, that's... that sounds fun."
Simon's Internal Monologue: Dang, she sounds /way/ smarter than me. I hope she doesn't think I'm stupid.
Lillian: "Honestly you're the first person to say something like that."
Lillian: "So. Professor. That's a pretty prestigious job title. What do you like about your job?"
Simon: "Oh definitely the books! The sheer awe of being surrounded by solid knowledge never gets old."
Lillian: "I mean, technically you're interacting with 'solid knowledge' every time you use a device."
Simon: "Well, yeah, I guess, but with books it's different somehow."
Simon: "Like someone took the time and space to store /this/ knowledge in a special way."
Lillian: "Fair enough, but you have to wonder."
Lillian: "They had digital storage when the ship left home. So why waste valuable weight on books?"
Author Note

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