Men, Lines, and Waters
A story about War, Friendship, Love, Heartbreak and Betrayal
Last update: 14th Jun 2018, 4:56 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
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A techno-thriller which covers a plot of a growing conflict between China and the Philippines.
How would the conflict affect the daily lives of the citizens?
How will it affect Asia and the World?
How would the government officials solve the conflict?
Diplomatically or By force?
Will the Philippines finally rise from being the sick man of Asia?

And so many questions to answer...

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It is OK. Just consider this comic to be practice, kind of like an experiment that you can use to build upon in your new comic.
Peace out.
Marvin Lacroix Maglaqui
Sorry guys...
But thank you for all your support...
Author Note
Sorry for the delay, I've been busy. Anyway,shoot me up a PM in the Timawa forum(Padayaw). Send me your email there so I'll be able to send you some scans of my drawing plus how I'd plan the story arc.
Marvin Lacroix Maglaqui
thanks, noted..i messed up with the rocket, i admit it.
anyway, the folding of the sleeves with the white side out are inspired from what i saw in vietnam war movies and in rambo as well.
im kinda interested with that story pitch you are me about that if its ok.
The drawing of the rocket projectile bugs me. It is...too bomb-like. Especially the RPG round, which would actually have a long tube at the end. Think Mortar round+long tube.
One more thing though, I know it's been drawn long before but wouldn't it be quite unwise to do battle in the jungle with the sleeves rolled up? Especially in LRP/SRPs, time to be used rolling up or down the sleeves can be better used in cleaning weapons, eating and resting especially if the sleeves has to have the camo side out(instead of the white side out, like the USMC practice before). Because not only would you have to deal with scratches and mosquito bites but also leeches, saps from plants(itches like hell) and other hellish insect bites not to mention the sun and the elements. Then there's also camouflage, it doesn't matter if your fair or dark skinned, you will stick out with your bare arms. Besides if you will roll the sleeves all the way past the elbow(and fold it with the camo part sticking out), you're pretty much restricting airflow especially if you're one of the soldiers who are muscle-bound. If you'll roll it, then roll it up to the forearms, or as one combat veteran at a forum said once, if you think it's hot then find a new line of work. Besides if you do a quick google search especially for pictures taken in the last 5 years, soldiers wearing rolled sleeves are mostly base and support personnel or reservists. But I'm just nitpicking. Anyway, I know updates are slow and drawing is tedious, if you're interested, I can throw a story pitch that will expand the character base.