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A fantasy adventure following a young messenger and a stern guard on their quest for peace.
Last update: 24th Dec 2018, 11:30 PM
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Zaki, a young messenger-in-training, is hand-picked by the Desert Prince, Emil, to deliver a vital message to the Forest King. Along with Emil’s personal guard, Asad, Zaki must make the Prince’s wish of peace among the lands a reality, and prove to everyone, including himself, that Emil’s choice in him was the correct one.

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Alicia the Bard
Alicia the Bard
I am an alumni of SCAD with a BFA in Sequential Art and a Minor in Art History. I love medieval, fantasy, and adventure, but especially all three things together.

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Alicia the Bard
He's a tough little guy.
Alicia the Bard
Close-quarters combat = not his specialty. Actually he's not a fighter, but A for effort!
Alicia the Bard
All the kingdom's building funds went into that first shot on page 5. XD
Dang, you keep beating up poor Zaki !
Ouch ! He got BOTH arms bitten