Metallica Is a Fool’s Band
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Last update: 3rd Jun 2022, 5:39 PM
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The comedic exploits of the worst best metal band ever, in 4koma format. Updates M/W/F.


You can call me Neppy, my three favorite things in this world are wrestling, horror movies, and Metallica.
And my three favorite husbandos in this world are The Undertaker, Michael Myers, and James Hetfield.

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Wastelander Nick
a Megadeth diss :P
I was wondering if this would pop up in the comic!
Wastelander Nick
Sigmund Freud has entered the chat
Wastelander Nick
Jason knows how to hold his sign :P
Local drummer is so dumb that he hasn’t realized he’s been strapped into a chair until now.
Author Note
Jazz Nevermore
Uh-oh, it really IS Morbin' time!