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Meteor Storm
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Last update: 7th Jul 2020, 9:21 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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A group of youths trying strike out on their own end up getting involved in conflicts centered around mutagenic blue meteors that fell during an unexpected meteor shower. If their not careful their life of independence could be over before it even begins...

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Hey, I'm MT3

I'm a goofy person that mostly likes to draw, play Nintendo video games and read webcomics.

Currently I'm a graphic design student at the Art Institute.

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Aw, no problem! Yeah learning to pace myself is always something I could work on a bit more each day, I think overtime I’ve gotten better at it though.
It’s alright! Take care of yourself <3

I wonder if the rest of the world will know about these mutations soon!
I honestly needed to hear that, Thanks! I'm trying to pace myself better
Update! Sorry this one took do long, I've been kinda out of it lately.
Author Note
Don’t focus on how many things you’re doing—just make sure you’re doing things consistently. That’s what helps me, anyway. I used to stress out about not doing enough, and so I’d try to do more and then I’d just burn myself out, which made it hard to do anything. I’ve realized that quantity is not necessarily the most important thing I guess.

I’m glad Josh is talking! This could have good consequences and bad, but probably a mixture of both.

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