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Mickey and Donald
What am I even doing at this point
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Starts out as a bunch of VERY bad drawings of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck saying funny things (with occasional appearances from other Disney characters), but slowly grows into a huge storyline with characters from other cartoons, video games, my AUs, and even my OCs.


Some person who'd like to make a comic eventually, but has no ideas as of now.

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I mean, it's Mickey and Donald, not Mickey and Minnie.
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Don't know if you can tell, but this is Minnie Mouse.
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Woo, I'm back! This will be the start of the first major arc in the comic, the Haunted House Arc!
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I wonder what Nickelodeon characters are doing in a webcomic with Disney characters.
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Our first recurring character, and it's none other than Polly Plantar from Amphibia!
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