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Midnight Lust
-Sinning & Vampires-
Last update: 27th Sep 2017, 7:39 AM
Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
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A short webcomic with a ditzy girl and a vampire.┐('~`;)┌


*Hello everyone! This account will now be permanently inactive, but don't worry, I am setting up a new account on this site since the username "shadows698" is a very old username, and because I don't go by that username anymore for my publishing of my artwork and comics. My current username is now "dekishi-tan," and I will be using that username from now on for any current publication of artworks and comics. Here is the link that will send you to my new profile for "dekishi-tan," and another important reminder, the links that are listed on my profile for "shadows698" are old and outdated, I don't personally recommend clicking on them as they are not updated anymore. Thank you for understanding! I apologize for not letting you guys know about my inactivity much earlier on :(, I'll be expecting your visitation over there! See ya guys at my new profile!! Cheers!

Hello there, I like to draw random webcomics that are in manga style which are most likely for an older audience. I only do ecchi, yuri, gore, horror, and fanart comics.

sometimes I have art-block moments or I'm too busy to work on a comic. I might put a comic to a sudden halt, but I'll try to work on them again very soon.

~I apologize about my inactive hiatus on this website, lately I've been struggling a lot with keeping up with the due dates on my four webcomics. I've realized that I'm not able to manage all of my four comics, I have so many chapters and character ideas that I have in mind, but trying to put all of them on paper at once is very difficult for me to accomplish.~

~I've decided to removed all of the due dates for my comics and instead I'll upload whenever I have the motivation and time to do so. But I'll make sure that I won't take a couple of months just to finish a single page.(ง •̀ω•́)ง✧~

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I've changed a couple of things of the characters but nothing major.

For now, I'm gonna take a break from this comic for two weeks or more because I want to start working on other artworks and this art request for a buddy on deviant art.
Author Note
Good to see you back
Finally the 6th page is done! And I'm not stuck on hiatus anymore!!~
Author Note
One of Myotismon's special abilities is to put it's victims under a trance, and they're unable to snap out of it, but this girl isn't getting affected by it because the only thing she has in her mind is getting out of there as soon as possible.
Oops, thanks for letting me know about that! I always get some minor mistakes while I'm finishing my pages and staying up late at night, oh the things that I do for art lol.