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A short story inspired by the streets of Melbourne
Last update: 25th Apr 2017, 3:38 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore
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midnightRUN is a work of fiction created by Kelly Bull. It follows the character Jamie Matheson and the events surrounding a handful of street gangs made up of the homeless. This is a short story that was selected to be featured as part of the StART Up: Top Arts 2014 exhibtion in Melbourne, Australia.


Just someone who loves writing stories and happens to draw a lot. Currently a student of Game Design.

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It was an enjoyable read.
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Thank you for reading

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It took me 6 months to post this final "end" page. I'm not sure why it took so long, and thank you for waiting all this time for me to get the courage to do this.

I think part of the reason this is so late is that, I wasn't ready to finish this story. When I originally planned it in early 2013, I had many side plots, character storylines, and extra moments that had to be cut because of time.

A lot of what I wrote for mR back then, I don't agree with anymore. It was my last year in high school, and I was only concerned with creating a cool story, and finishing my finals within a 6 month timeline. If I wrote mR now, it would be a completely different story. Especially regarding how lightly I touched on the issue of homelessness in mR. Of course when I started this I didn't pretend that this would be realistic. But I still feel I could've done better, and that the issues presented shouldn't have been used as decoration.

This isn't to say I regret making midnightRUN. It's the opposite.

I'm glad I made this. I learned a lot about making comics, about my capabilities, and how it feels to finish a project.

By completing this, I can look at what went right, what when wrong, and what can be improved. From midnightRUN, I can grow into a stronger creator.

I only hope that by formally acknowledging this comic's end, I can move onto bigger and better projects.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you could get some enjoyment from reading my first ever completed comic.

Kelly Bull, April 2017
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193: Epilogue, page 4

Another day, another step forward.


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Author Note
indeed :)
193: Epilogue, page 3

Michelle's doing well.

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