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A comic about life, happiness, and flights of fantasy
Last update: 21st Feb 2012, 6:45 AM
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A comic about life, happiness, and flights of fantasy.


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So inspiring. I understand it's your early work but that interests me and I find it interesting that you are a b&w comic artist ... love it, man. I'm one of those mutli-creatives, but it was always writing and music that excelled as far as, well, I don't know. Life. haha. So, I wasn't ever "Kirby" or "Infantino" or "Moore" status like the main comics you read as a kid but it doesn't even matter. You say you despise your early art and all art as recent as 2 weeks prior but I enjoy it. It is refreshing to help me realize that the story is just as important as the image. As long as there's "an image that represents the story and maybe even a bit more?" That's a great comic. And I love the fact you interpret your life on paper like this. I've always enjoyed that, as I'm a personal essayist and unofficially published Roman a clef author. Keep doing your thing, it says 2012 as the latest? I hope not. Man, these days you just see so much content, you never know. Maybe the guy died. I'm sure you didn't die but whatever you do in life now, you should return to this.
“Come on!”
I love your comic! Do continue it!
“so relatable”
How come is it that chicks are allowed to say the freakiest things?
You really are. Good job
You might have intended it as "working together with partners is hell", but it hit me as an anti-cynicism commentary - "oh god I'm going to be with THAT GUY" or something. That interpretation comes in direct and lovely contrast to the last panel. Then I read your "Author notes". Oh well